The only just media summit Belfast….

Last Saturday I went along to the only just media summit in Belfast. It was held in the oddessey and was organised perfectly by Lucy and Allan the partnership behind only just media.

It was really great and I could have sat all day listening to the speakers some who where flown in especially from America.

After following through the amazing cars on display from Charles Hurst we made our way in and collected our lanyards created by Sync ni.  First off we browsed the museum where selected brands showcased their products, some of which included :

  • Honest organics
  • Outside in
  • Hollieberrie bakes
  • Estee lauder
  • The body shop
  • Irish black butter
  • treasured teepee ni
  • Flower walls ni
  • Ivy B

Then through the beautiful fairy lights set up by Love weddings we where able to stop for some food. Again I’m probably missing some as there where so many. They included

  • Glenisk
  • Orchard Twist
  • Tayto
  • Morellies

The speakers

Cody Wanner was very funny and a great story teller who drew everyone in straight away with a dramatic roll on to the stage.

Some of the points I took away is that, done is better than perfect, we are all trying to make things 10 out 10 and unless it’s that level we put it off. It’s better to get it out there than being held back by an idea of what’s perfect. Cody talked about being timely, relevant and engaged and his tagline #nosmallcreator. He said there is no small creators each of us is as valuable as the next despite numbers of followers or views.

Mike Winnet was also very funny and showed a different side to linked in. Some points he made for using Linkedin where to tell people who you are, what you do and have a call to action. He also said you need to be authentic, for example if you swear in person then swear online, be real, be you!

Gabriel Desanti again was another great story teller and he premiered his video about the cost of learning. You can watch it yourself if you click here. It was a very powerful video and can be applied to many situations whether you are chasing big dreams or everyday scenarios. Its really all comes down to “is the cost worth it?” If its not worth it then why do it? I’ve caught up with Gabriels you tube channel since and although it’s very different to what I normally watch I’m enjoying watching his videos. Some points I took away besides the cost of learning video, where that no one job will define you or your success and that you have to work hard for what you want.

Lucy Mcmullan was not only a great event organiser but a great speaker and the fact that she has started this event by herself last year is absolutely amazing. I’m not at all surprised by how big this event has become. Lucy’s speach was about podcasting, blogging and building a brand. I was really interested in hearing her top tips especially arould podcasts as it’s an avenue I would like to explore. Anchor was an app which she recommended and I am definitely going to have a look at it. You can check out Lucys first bts vlog here. Some points I took away from Lucy where “If you build a brand you will be in demand.” if you can’t tell it you can’t sell it, people connect with people. A big point she made was don’t be a commercial be the show which I think was a very powerful idea for bloggers, vloggers etc to think about. Also Lucy mentioned LinkedIn in as a platform for bloggers as well as business which isn’t something I had considered before.

Joel M is a Tik Tok influencer and magician from NI. He preformed one of his tricks and I’m still trying to work it out. 😮 Three points he made when it comes to using Tik Tok is good lighting and audio, grab attention within 1 sec and add a twist.

Adrian Vasquez is the creative director for Ryan Serhant. Another great speaker with great points. He talked about building your brand and how your brand is your reputation, the secret of being in business is being in business. Do things differently be the one who did…. Think about what makes your brand thrive be consistent and make and impact. Yell out your wins be enthusiastic and try everything.

Niamh Macauley is a video marketing manager from purple dot media in NI. Niamh talked a lot about getting in front of the camera and business v personal on linkedin. Some points she made was to add value, don’t sell and people prefer to see faces.

Melanie Murphy is a YouTube creator and best selling author from Ireland. Melanie talked about being yourself online and about making an impact over influence.

I didn’t make any notes on Melanies talk as I was so Interested in hearing what she had to say I completely forgot.

Unfortunately I had to leave before hearing the last speakers Tyler Babin a creative resident at Adobe and previously creative for Gary Vee and Alan Wallace an account brand and project manager from NI who is also now the other half of Only Just Media.

We had just the right amount of breaks throughout the day and when lunch came round we were treated to the most amazing food. Some of the food venders included:

  • Happy dogs
  • Tribal burger

It was a great day and I’ve come away having learned some great things.  A massive well done to Lucy and Alan on a very successful event.