February favourites…

I started doing these monthly favourites last year in February and I think that was the last one I did. So I will try and get a few up this year and stick with it.  It’s not always something new and can be anything from clothes to a book or podcast.  If you like it why not leave a list of some of your favourite things from this month in the comments.

Dm style boots

Not my usual style but I bought a pair this month from Primark they where only £16 and are really comfy. Can’t wait for the warmer weather to wear them with dresses and bare legs ( I’m not brave enough for bare legs in winter).

Shrink vitality

I’ve mentioned it quite a lot over on my Instagram and although my 6 weeks are now up shrink has been amazing. I’m continuing on to add it into my lifestyle as I’ve enjoyed it so much. Find out more about shrink here.


I love to listen to podcasts, they give me that’s get up and go when I’m tidying up and going housework. This month I’ve been listening to Giovana Fletcher, Happy Mum Happy Baby. She did and interview with Mother Pukka and also one with the Duchess of Cambridge which was great but I absolutely loved listening to her chat with Kate Ferdinando before her documentary came out. It was quite insightful and gave a different perspective on family dynamics. A new one I found this month was Table Manners by Jessie Ware. I love it her and her mum interview people in a very casual way in their kitchen. I listened to their podcasts with Laim Payne, David Schwimmer and Vanessa Williams.

Love a good book

I dont think I could do a monthly roundup without a good book thrown in. This month I have been reading “its not you it’s him” and “sorry not sorry” by Sophie Ranald. Although I’m loving it the second one has taken me most of the month to read just because I’m so tired I can’t keep my eyes open when I start to read.

Little bakers box

Little Bakers Box picked us to be brand reps for them and this month we received our first #gifted little bakers box. The whoopie pies where really nice but it was lovely to spend a wet afternoon at home doing something with the kids that they all enjoyed. We can’t wait to see what will be in our box this month.