The boys birthday party…..

Jake and Alfies birthdays are just a day apart so where possible we have their party together normally it works out the weekend before or after their actual birthday. I wouldnt think we will get away with the joint party much longer now that Alfie is at school.

We hired the coaching for christ Centre in Ahoghill. Downstairs there was enough room for the boys to play football and also have space for the bouncy castle. There is plenty of seats up stairs and a kitchen for cooking the food.

On the day we had booked there was no coaches available for the football but the boys where happy enough to do there own thing. We used a local bouncy castle company called jump for joy for the two bouncy castles. They had some other great overs including popcorn machine and candy floss machine.

The boys wanted a football cake so I made a rectangle cake covered it with green icing and added the football set which I got on amazon.

On their actual birthday we also have cake at home with just us.

Thanks for reading


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