Miss Gracie is two……

The baby of the house has turned two and oh my it’s hard to believe. The last two years have just flew past. I always get a bit emotional thinking back to that day when our little fire cracker entered the world at 5.54am and then was took off to neo natal nine hours later. Gracie is most likely our last baby so it’s a little bit more emotional thinking how a she is now two, not a baby anymore!

We had a party at home to celebrate and rather than spamming my insta feed with all the details I thought I would put them all in one blog post.

The first thing I did a few weeks before the party was make a flower Wall (I use that term loosely it wasn’t very professional but it looked ok). I bought a leafy trellis that was reduced in tesco and a pack of 3 flower garlands from amazon and a fews loose artificial flowers I had about the house.

For the balloons I bought a pack of six in in sostrene greene and got three filled with helium along with a number 2 balloon. I also picked up the gold happy birthday banner in sostrene grene.

For the table I use mostly glass plates, jars and bowls, a few silver tins, paper plates I already had and some ice cream cups again from sostrene green. I also bought 2 packs of 6 windmills in sostrene greene. For party bags I filled pink paper bags with sweets balloons, bubbles and mini colouring books

As you can see we had sausages, chicken bites pizza and garlic bread for the kids and pizza and garlic bread for the adults. The chicken bites came in a large bag as did the sausage, from the butchers and there was loads in them. Obviously any party needs crisps, sweets, Buns, and popcorn. I finished the table off with a wee bunch of flowers.

I always make the kids cakes even though it’s always a rush at the last minute, I just love doing it for them. I think David says every year I don’t know why you don’t just buy one. I absolutely loved Gracies cake, I wanted to go for a woodland theme and a lovely lady who attended our makers workshop and will be attending the mummy and me market also very kindly sent me the two rabbits and the deer in the tutu. I loved them so much that I ordered another one. I then got my number 2 sign which I bought in sostrene greene, and covered it with rosemary to create the woodland theme.

Outside I put up twelve pictures of gracie in the last year. I used a branch and string to display them. For the photos I printed them out on an app called lalalab. You can use my code PGUSEYP2 and get £5 off for you and £5 credit for me. Each picture came with the month on it but you can write what you want or leave it blank. I love looking to see how they change over the year.

For her present we bought her this playhouse from Smyths toys and painted it and David built the deck. It’s still not finished yet as we need to put a picket fence round it and put some perspex in the windows but she loves it. The boys also like to buy her a present so they bought her an ice cream truck and an ironing board, which she hasn’t a clue what it’s for she rarely sees me using one🙈.

I am going to use the trellis from the flower Wall to cover the oil tank.

There was quite a mix of ages of kids but they all just played about in the garden then we had a few party games pass the parcel, musical statues and musical chairs.

They all had great fun and we really enjoyed having all their friends and family here for the afternoon. That’s it now partying done until the boys birthdays come round again. You can read it here.

I hope you enjoyed reading



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