Dresses of summer….

I love a dress in the summer and especially love the casual style that is dresses with trainers, that has come about the last couple of years. Unfortunately the Northern Ireland weateher doesn’t always allow for a dress even when summer is in full swing. I love nothing more than throwing on a dainty dress or floaty skirt. I’m always wary though of the length just because with three kids I’m always bending down or lifting them up and it wouldn’t be the first time a little hand has almost flashed my backside to anyone around.

I love the length of this dress, it’s above the knee but not too short, it’s also a really flattering shape.

This one is also really relaxed and comfy.

This blue and white stripe dress is my favourite but I only wear it on holiday although I suppose you could wear it if you wear going out. It’s got a lovely cross back detail and a little side boob but not too much.

Another favourite of mine this summer is this simple white dress from primark, just slightly below the knee and a flattering fit. A white dress is a summer must have.

Another one I love is this stripe dress teamed with trainers and a denim jacket.

Here are some others I’m loving at the minute click the photo for the links.

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